LacPatrick’s Yoghurt & Cultured Dairy business is in strong growth. We produce a wide range of high quality yoghurt and cultured buttermilk for retail customers under our own brand Champion as well as for many major retail brands. Our new Culinary Yoghurt & Cultured Dairy for Food Manufacturing is a small but growing part of our business.

The Monaghan Creamery has been designated our centre of excellence for Cultured Dairy. It is a large scale, purpose-built plant that can incubate and pack a significant quantity of yoghurt per day. Eight different filling lines provide multiple capabilities across key packaging formats and sizes including:

For Retail customers: 125g – 500g across Split pots, Cluster pots and Single pots, which can be packed in cardboard sleeves, flow-wraps or as singles in trays or shelf ready packaging

For Food Manufacturing:  25kg bag in box and 1000 Litre pallecons.

Our Cultured Dairy innovation team has over 30 years’ experience in developing delicious, high quality products for our customers and a number of different yoghurt bases are possible to suit requirements. A new R&D Laboratory and Pilot Plant puts LacPatrick at the forefront of cultured dairy innovation.