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diary-council-bannerDuring the past year the Dairy Council has continued the implementation   of its strategy to widen its support for milk and dairy products through the ongoing implementation of programmes to support exports of Northern  Ireland dairy products outside the EU, and to encourage consumption of    cheese in Northern Ireland. These activities are in addition to ongoing work in schools, in support of milk consumption, and the promotion of thenutritional benefits of milk and dairy products. This update sets out some of the highlights and achievements of the year’sprogramme. These include:

What’s in this Edition

  • Bringing 21 buyers to Northern Ireland from Thailand, South Korea, UAE, and Saudi Arabia
  • Working with post primary schools, sports bodies and clubs to promote the importance of milk for rehydration and muscle repair following exercise
  • Educating pupils in primary schools about milk, cheese and yogurt
  • A programme for in-store sampling of cheese in Tesco and ASDA stores throughout Northern Ireland
  • Organisation of 3 conferences for health professionals, researchers and teachers to highlight current research on the nutrient richness, and health benefits of milk and dairy products.

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