What can you do to help to eradicate BVD?

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Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) is one of the most important and economically significant infectious diseases affecting NI dairy cattle.The BVD Eradication Programme, a joint initiative between farmers, vets and government, has been compulsory for cattle herds in NI since 1st March 2016. Progress is being made, however the main limiting factor at present is the retention of BVD Persistently Infected … Read More

Minimising Disease Risk in Young Stock

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Johne‚Äôs disease is spread through infected dung. Cattle become infected from birth and remain susceptible until around 6 months of age. As animals mature they become less susceptible to infection, but this is not absolute and older cattle can still acquire infection if they are kept in a highly contaminated environment. The first twelve months of life is the critical … Read More