Dairy by Ireland Since 1896

Our Farmers

lacpatrick2 (12 of 183)Farmers have always been and remain at the centre of the LacPatrick business. LacPatrick works closely with all of its 1000+ farmer suppliers who are in every county of the province of Ulster. Many are fourth and fifth generation dairy farmers, with a deep-rooted pride in their land, herds, milk quality, and of course family traditions.

Whether from the furthest north in Ballycastle, west to Donegal or south to Monaghan, whether a herd of 10 cattle or 700, these hard-working families share the same commitment to dairy farming, which is key to the final quality of the 600 million litres of milk delivered annually.

LacPatrick works continuously to deliver a sustainable milk price, in addition to building and maintaining long-term working relationships with the farmer community.


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