LacPatrick Farmers



Farmers have always been and remain at the centre of the LacPatrick business. LacPatrick works closely with all of its 1,000+ farmer suppliers who are in every county of the province of Ulster.

Many are fourth and fifth generation dairy farmers, with a deep-rooted pride in their land, herds, milk quality, and of course family traditions.

Farmers from the furthest north in Ballycastle, west to Donegal or south to Monaghan, hard-working families share the same commitment to dairy farming, which is key to the final quality of our milk. Our farming community have:

  • Herds from 10 to 700 cattle
  • Produce up to 600m litres of milk delivered annually.

LacPatrick Dairies works continuously to deliver a sustainable milk price, in addition to building and maintaining long-term working relationships with the farmer community.