Dairy by Ireland Since 1896

Our Business

Lacpatrick aims to be a powerful new force in the Ulster dairy sector. LacPatrick’s shared geography and production facilities, technologies, product ranges and customer listings, together with the combined balance sheet strength, offers a unique opportunity to create a true leader in the Ulster dairy food sector, focused on innovation and competitiveness.  The new merged entity provides a platform for future growth, and will continue to make competitive and sustainable returns to the dairy farmers of Ulster.  

The company prides itself on its high quality products, coming from the 560m litres of high quality milk collected every year.  LacPatrick’s unique geographic location leads to above average protein and butter fat levels; a longer season with less peaks and troughs in supply and quality;  and benefits from supplying and trading a wide range of products across Ireland, the UK  and indeed across the globe.

Our historical relationship with customers in the manufacture of baby milk has led to tough requirements on our farmers over a long period of time, which in turn has led to very low   Bacterial Count, Somatic Cell and Trace Element levels in our milk.

As well as high quality liquid milk processing and production, each of the sites has particular unique capabilities:

  • Monaghan Creamery – Centre of excellence for Cultured Dairy
  • Ballyrashane Creamery – Centre of excellence for Butter
  • Artigarvan Creamery – Centre of excellence for Milk Powder

LacPatrick products form the basis for many popular food items including ice-cream, shortbread and cream liqueurs, with several manufacturers naming LacPatrick brands as key ingredients on their packaging!