Control of Johne’s Disease

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Dairy UK have asked us to promote the Dairy Australia 3 Step Calf Plan to help prevent Johne’s disease which is a comprehensive approach aimed at minimising the spread of Johne’s disease to calves. The plan focuses on stopping the spread of the disease by minimising calf contact with manure. Other strategies are aimed at avoiding introducing the disease to … Read More

Low protein diets: what can be achieved?

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Dr Ronald Annett, Nutritionist, McLarnon Feeds. There has been much debate recently on the merits of reducing protein levels in dairy cow diets. While world soya prices remain firm, the prospect of cutting back on protein is certainly attractive. And from the cow’s perspective, feeding excess protein uses up valuable energy supplies that could be utilized more efficiently elsewhere. So … Read More

Cubicle comfort, a vets’ perspective

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Lameness and mastitis incidences are directly linked to the environment of the cows. Bedding is an important factor influencing cow comfort and lying time, and subsequently milk production and dairy farm profitability. Cows tend to spend 12-14 hours per day resting, this is when they are digesting and producing milk. It is important to observe your cows’ legs, particularly the … Read More

Red Tractor Standards Consultation Summary

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Just before Christmas, we were issued with a consultation on proposed changes to the Red Tractor farm scheme standards. Farm Standards are reviewed every three years to ensure that they are current and up to date in terms of legislation and reputational risk. The current review has have gone a step further and taken the opportunity to completely refresh the … Read More

Ryegrass variety choice is key to silage value

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You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and it’s certainly not possible to offer your cows high quality grazing and to make the best quality silage using inferior grasses. Of course it’s vitally important to keep weed grasses to a minimum and eliminate all other weed species to maximise the value in the clamp, but according … Read More

Calf Scour

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Calf scour season is well under way again this year, with many farms affected. The most common causes of calf scour in Northern Ireland are Rotavirus and Cryptosporidia (each causing 30-40% cases), Coronavirus (10%) and e-Coli (8%). The infectious dose for these diseases seems to be very low, so reducing the exposure of calves through dam vaccination, good colostrum feeding practices … Read More

How can we measure our Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE)?

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MORTON’S TECHNICAL ADVISOR WILLIAM MCCOLLUM EXPLAINSMORTON’S TECHNICAL ADVISOR WILLIAM MCCOLLUM EXPLAINS 1) What is FCE? Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE) is a term commonly used in the industry to determine how efficiently cows are converting their diet into milk. Put simply, it’s a measure of how many kilos of milk are produced by the cow from each kilo of dry matter … Read More

A (very brief) overview of somatic cell count

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Cell count is always a difficult subject to discuss, as the problems can be as individual as the farms themselves. There is no simple solution. Hardly a day goes by when I am not asked for the best tube, jag or teat dip to help stem a rising cell count. Unfortunately there is no one answer to that question. The … Read More

Northern Ireland Farmers Warned Against Smuggling

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Following a briefing by FSA (NI) and DARD on actions being taken in ROI and NI to deal with over quota milk in ROI being smuggled into NI, both Dairy UK (NI) and UFU have warned dairy farmers of the risk of engaging in these activities, not only in terms of their own farming enterprise, but also for the industry … Read More

How can we maximise litres this winter?

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Thompsons’ Dairy nutritionist Mary-Jane Robinson explains Maximising milk production this winter efficiently by ensuring both the correct nutritional management and herd health at farm level is maintained is paramount for profitable production. Given the difficult year the emphasis this winter must be on maximising litres. With the current milk price to feed ratio, feed rates will be higher than previous … Read More