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High Quality Milk Powder

Play the video to see how our LP brand is advertised in West Africa (in French).

LacPatrick has over 30 years’ experience in the production of a wide range of milk powders, produced at our facility in Artigarvan, Northern Ireland.

LacPatrick produces 30,000 tonnes of Spray Dried Whole and Skimmed Milk Powders (High, Medium and Low Heat) each year primarily for the export market.


We have customers on all five continents of the world, major milk powder markets are West African the Caribbean, South America and the Far East. Our LP brand has an excellent reputation for quality in World Powder markets, and is a brand leader in West Africa.

Wholemilk Powders


LacPatrick Wholemilk Powders are available in both 26% and 28% fat levels as both Standard and Agglomerated formats to suit particular customer requirements. These products are manufactured from fresh Wholemilk delivered exclusively from our own local dairy farms to ensure complete traceability. 

The LP brand has gained international recognition for its natural flavour properties and its enhanced functionality as an ingredient when used in customer products and formulations. Products are manufactured and packed under the ISO 22000 quality regime in 25Kg Bags and 1000kg bulk bags for despatch to customers in West Africa, South America, Europe and the Far East.

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Skimmed Milk Powders

LacPatrick produces a wide range of high quality Skimmed Milk Powders with high density and functional properties suitable for many applications in the food and beverage industries.
Also available is High Heat Stable Skimmed Powders that have particular applications in Evaporated Milk Manufacture for the global beverage market.

Instantised Skimmed Milk Powder PDF