LacPatrick’s new Board new in place


[Lto R] Chairman Andrew McConkey, Vice Chairman Keith Agnew and Robert Skelton

The newly elected Council of LacPatrick met together for the first time on 22nd August to elect a new Board to take effect from 18th September and to draw lots for initial Council terms. Each Council electoral area, under the rules, provides seats on the new Board with a further two floating seats being elected by the Council voting as a single unit. In the first and second round of elections, the following Council members were returned as Board Directors by their respective electoral areas;

  • A. Antrim / L’Derry: Robert CURRIE, Robert SKELTON, Alexander WALKER, Desmond WORKMAN
  • B. Down / Armagh: Keith AGNEW, Patsy McVERRY
  • C. Monaghan / Cavan: JJ LAVELLE, Andrew McCONKEY, Christy McKENNA, Gerard SHERLOCK, Bert STEWART
  • D. Fermanagh / Tyrone; Alan McCAY, Drew McCONNELL

The two additional “floating” seats elected from the Council were David CURRY, and Robert McCAULEY.

On the 18th September, following the AGM, the new Board sat to elect the Officers of the Board and to draw lots for the initial Board length of terms. It was agreed that there would be three Officers of the Board; Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen.

Following an election, whereby all Board members were candidates, Andrew McConkey was elected Chairman with Robert Skelton and Keith Agnew elected as Vice Chairmen.

Andrew McConkey extended his gratitude to the Board for their confidence in him. He was humbled by the support and expressed his deep commitment to the Society, to its’ heritage as a cross-border Society working in the interests of dairy farmers and, to the shareholders, employees, and customers of the Society. He outlined his vision to work collaboratively with his vice-Chairs and fellow Directors to support and where necessary, challenge, the executive team to continue to develop and build the Society.

“I am very excited and engaged by the honour of leading this great Society in the next phase of its development. With our investments in infrastructure, people, and governance structures, I believe we are well adapted to deal with the challenge of operating in a global business environment while sustaining dairy farming in our local regions. I will look to the support of Board and Council members from all our four electoral areas to work in the common interest of LacPatrick Co-operative Society.”

The vice-Chairmen also expressed their appreciation and pledged to work with the Chairman in whatever capacity to share the responsibility in representing the Co-operative Society.

Gabriel D’Arcy, CEO, warmly congratulated the new Chairman and Vice-Chairmen and commended the Board on the smooth transition of one Board to another. He welcomed the new beginning of LacPatrick following the transitionary period and expressed his great confidence in the new Board and Officers to work constructively with the management team in delivering the strategic vision for LacPatrick. He looked forward to a professional, business-focused approach that would deliver the best sustainable returns to members over the following years.

It’s a very exciting time for LacPatrick and I’m delighted that we have a strong Board, Chairman, and Vice-Chairmen that will steer this resilient, progressive Society in the next phase of its growth

The new Board sits for two years without rotation, whereby several seats will come up for re-election. The rotations drawn by lot are as follows;

  • Re-election August 2019:
  • Re-election August 2020:
  • Re-election August 2021:
  • Re-election August 2022:

Each Board seat that becomes eligible for re-election, will be subject to an election from the constituency in which it was initially elected i.e., either a specific electoral area or a “floating seat” elected from the Council.