LacPatrick and Origin Green


Sustainability Commitments

LacPatrick has a passion for excellent product quality, a shared geography, and complementary production facilities, technologies and customers. Together these elements offer a unique opportunity to create a true leader in the dairy food industry.

Sustainability Plan

LacPatrick’s sustainability plans have measurable targets to be achieved over a specific time period. These targets include raw material sourcing, energy, water, waste, social sustainability and employee well-being and community.

Raw Material Sourcing

LacPatrick is committed to sourcing raw material from our supplier to the highest possible quality standard under the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme.

Manufacturing Processes

LacPatrick has undertaken targets to reduce electrical energy, water usage and waste management. These targets will help sustain manufacturing viability and reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations.

Social Sustainability

LacPatrick is committed to social sustainability initiatives, supporting local charities and events, improving employee well-being.

The company has also added health and nutrition targets to improve nutritional content of our products.