Fodder available for LacPatrick suppliers

Patrick DonohoeGeneral News, Producer news

LacPatrick suppliers have answered the call to provide fellow farmers with fodder as stocks continue to deplete on some farms.

Following a meeting of LacPatrick’s emergency fodder response team, a call was issued to all suppliers asking those with excess fodder to come forward so that they could be paired with farmers who are running short.

As of Friday, some 1,800t of silage has been secured for LacPatrick suppliers who are in need. The process of pairing farmers in need with those who have suppliers is well under way and will continue over the weekend.

LacPatrick has also secured a significant volume of grass silage of its own and this is available to suppliers right across the LacPatrick catchment area.

The large volume of grass silage is in addition to the maize silage LacPatrick already has available.

Any supplier who needs forage is urged to contact the LacPatrick Farm Advisory team over the weekend on 086 022 8785 so that a plan can be put in place.

Fodder clinic

A fodder clinic was held on Wednesday with farmers coming to get advice on how to stretch reserves as well as seeking to buy fodder.

If the situation does not improve then LacPatrick will roll out further clinics in the coming coming days.