Farmers turn out in force for supplier meetings

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Over two weeks at the end of January and into February, LacPatrick hosted supplier meetings across the region in order to update suppliers on various aspect of the business.

The meetings took place in Armagh on 23 January, in Monaghan on 24 January, in Coleraine on 31 January and, finally, in Omagh on 1 February.

Each of the meetings was very well attended with farmers from across the four regions turning out in strong numbers.

Topics covered over the course of the meetings included global and domestic market updates, the new Dairy Technology Centre at Artigarvan as well as the progression of the LacPatrick Farm Development Programme. In terms of the Farm Development Programme, Supply Strategy and Development Manager at LacPatrick Dr Paul Crosson said there are some exciting developments planned by him and his team.

By the middle of 2018 the LacPatrick Web Portal should be operational, Paul said.

This innovative tool will allow farmers to log in through, get results of their own herd’s performance, track recent results against previous months as well as reading personalised technical advice tailored to their region.

Paul also gave a very interesting and detailed presentation on the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance in the food chain. There is an onus on farmers to reduce antibiotic usage in their herds through improving herd health and limiting blanket antibiotic treatments, he said.

By 2050, globally some 10m deaths per year could be as a result of antimicrobial resistance.