Butter Milk

LacPatrick produces two different types of buttermilk, which we supply to both retail and food manufacturing customers:

Cultured buttermilk is traditionally used for home-made bread such as wheatens, soda breads and pancakes. This product is made from skimmed milk to which a natural bacterial culture has been added, then it is incubated for a period of time before it is ready for packing and delivery.  The live cultures in the buttermilk aid the raising process in bread baking.  Industrial bakeries use cultured buttermilk to make traditional Irish breads and some cakes, and our cultured buttermilk is a key ingredient in one of Ireland’s favourite brown breads!

Sweet buttermilk or ex churn buttermilk is high in phospholipids which can act as emulsifying agents to improve functionality of many dairy products.  This product is often used in the manufacture of sauces or substitute cream products.

Our buttermilk is available in a variety of sizes and packaging formats:

  • Buttermilk for retail customers: available in 500ml, 1L, 2L packs
  • Culinary Buttermilk for food manufacturing: available in 3 & 5 gallon packs, 10 gallon lined plastic cans, 4 & 20 litre packs and as a bulk load (1 tanker)