Welcome to the July Edition of LacPatrick News

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In this issue, we have an update on LacPatrick’s new council members. There is useful information and advice following Teagasc Moorepark Open Day 2017. We have some great pictures from the Breffni Oriel Stock Judging Final. We have some helpful advice articles from Cellcheck Farmer Workshops. We also have updates on a new appointment at LacPatrick and a recent trip … Read More

LacPatrick announces the 60 members of its new Council


In the last edition of the newsletter, it was outlined that the next stage in LacPatrick’s governance review would focus on the reform of its council and board structures. Following a recent election process, LacPatrick is now pleased to announce the names of the 60 members of its new council. The society has undertaken a governance review and a major … Read More

Farming Updates

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Winter Premium Update The LacPatrick milk pricing schedule has been designed to reflect the needs of our customers. As customers’ needs change, our milk pricing schedule must respond accordingly. An example of this is our winter premium payments. Due to the demand for fresh product over the winter period, we have been incentivising winter milk production in recent years. We … Read More

Teagasc Dairy Open Day focused on resilient technologies at Moorepark 2017

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A National Dairy Open Day took place on Tuesday, 4th July 2017 in Teagasc, Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork. The event focused on the resilient technologies that will allow dairy farmers and the dairy industry to flourish in both good times and the more challenging times. Resilient dairy farming businesses that adopt these recommended technologies will be technically and financially efficient, … Read More

CellCheck Programme News

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Guest Contributor: Katie Nanne – Veterinary Practitioner, Clare Sun, green lush fields and summer mastitis… July, August and September are the months of the year we tend to enjoy the most – spring is over and summer has started. However, we are not the only ones enjoying the warmer months, the larvae of the Sheep Head fly (Hydrotoae Irritans) favour … Read More

CellCheck Tip of the Month

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Less Mastitis = More Profit….for all! One of the key CellCheck messages presented at the Teagasc Moorepark Open Day, was the the increased profitability that improving mastitis control and milk quality brings. Recent Teagasc analysis of the national bulk tank somatic cell count (SCC) database shows the magnitude of this financial return for the whole industry. The national bulk tank … Read More

Service Provider Notes

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Delivery of second phase of CellCheck Farmer Workshops Scheduling of all the CellCheck Farmer Workshops under the KT programme was completed last month, and delivery of this second phase of workshops also commenced. Approximately 140 workshops will be delivered to discussion groups around the country before the end of the year, so plenty of activity on the horizon. Workshop delivery … Read More

New farm advisor for LacPatrick

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Majella McCafferty has joined LacPatrick as a Farm Advisor for its ROI suppliers. Originally from Kiltyclogher, Co Leitrim, Majella has a BSc in Veterinary Nursing and a BSc (Honours) in Sustainable Agriculture. Majella has extensive practical and technical experience working with dairy farmers in all areas of farming and advisory and is looking forward to meeting all of LacPatrick’s ROI … Read More