Dairy by Ireland Since 1896

Geographically we were born lucky. Everything else... we earned

Looking after our land
for our future

Working hand in hand
with our farmers

Working hard to put
your hard work on the map

LacPatrick – Dairy by Ireland since 1896

LacPatrick was formed in July 2015 as a result of the merger of Ballyrashane and Town of Monaghan Co-ops

cows_home02There are great synergies between the two newly merged companies: a passion for excellent product quality, a shared geography, and complementary production facilities, technologies and customers. Together, these elements offer a unique opportunity to create a true leader in the dairy food industry.

LacPatrick has a combined turnover of €360m, and employs 300 people. Over 1050 farmers deliver 600 million litres of milk annually. The company is headquartered in Monaghan, Ireland, and we sell our high quality dairy food products to almost all corners of the globe.

Our new company has strong ambitions to develop its business across the island of Ireland and beyond, and critical to this global growth strategy are our significant investments in innovation and technology, and our particular focus on sustainability and the environment.

Our vision and strategy will ensure clear and enduring market leadership and will allow us to continue to make competitive and sustainable returns to our co-op members, the dairy farmers of Ulster. 

Our Mission …why we exist

We connect locally sourced milk from Suppliers We Know to demanding and responsible Partners We Trust. We use passion, technology and service to deliver enduring economic, social and environmental impacts in the global Communities We Serve.

Our Vision …what we want to be

We are the Positive, Enduring and Preferred Food Partner in the lives of our Suppliers, Customers and Colleagues.

Our Values


We add value and deliver exceptional quality and standards in a fair, transparent and ethical manner.

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